STP + Credit Card Processing UPDATE!

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lack of update over the last week. We have been trying our best to have some good news for our next update, and, WE DO!

My Advertising Pays, LLC. has been APPROVED for Credit Card Processing by Allied Wallet!

 allied wallet

Allied Wallet services 88 million users world-wide and processed over $50 billion in 2013! They are a very reputable company and have been in business since 2002. We worked very hard to bring such a powerhouse processing capability to MAP and we have been successful in our quest :). This partnership will prove to be invaluable to our membership.

We are still working out the details of our contract, and other paperwork. Please bear with us as it may be a week or two before we bring them online (no support tickets please as we are working as diligently as we can). But once we have this in place, it will make purchasing MAP products a breeze!

Solid Trust Pay UPDATE

I personally received a call from STP yesterday and they promised to get our situation worked out and I couldn’t be happier! Many of our members have been patiently waiting to have this processing capability back and we have been working for you all. Upon checking this morning, the situation has been RESOLVED!

So , we are going to reactivate the STP option in I-Payout giving our members yet one more option for processing and hopefully we can keep them live for good this time around. I have requested that this feature be re-activated. It’s up to I-Payout when they do it. So it should be soon.

The State of MAP is experiencing absolute phenomenal growth! Our advertising space has filled with advertisements, our external source of revenue is making sale after sale, and Our Space is becoming more and more valuable with each passing day.

What you see below is a representation of our transaction count in I-Payout. Many of you have seen this before, however I never get tired of sharing our staggering growth to the world! With each new week, what I like to call the “Wow Point” gets higher and higher, each time making the last one look not-so-wow. This is AMAZING!


We are busy as ever behind the scenes working on our current update announced in our last newsletter. We are always looking for ways to increase the Value of our products and services, as well as functionality and ease-of-use of our site. We have a grand Vision for MAP and all of you are coming along with us as we grow and expand our advertising services to reaches well beyond the walls of our site.

We have managed to attract the likes of many leaders world-wide and they are not wasting any time. People all over the world are seeing the value in our services, and are making the Dream come alive! Take a look at what some are saying…

MAP Member Claire Hartman-James, UNITED KINGDOM

Yesterday was my birthday, not only did I get spoilt by my family I received over $120 in commission from MAPS! Simplest programme ever, jump in and enjoy the ride!

Mummy of 2 self employed & loving it!


WOW … another $375 in my ClickBank. $1800 in sales with 1 month and 5 days being with MAP’s WITHOUT Spending a penny :) MAP is TOTALLY a DREAM for all of us. ~ Vitalia

MAP Member Michae Van Rooyen, UNITED KINGDOM

I have never in all my many years as a marketer ever seen such convertion statistics. I can go through the numbers but that would sound just like all those gurus. Just take my word for it. GET IN NOW!

For more visit this page:

This is advertising with results! If you are on the sidelines, what are you waiting for, the water is PERFECT!

I leave you with this thought…
robert kiyosaki

All the Best,
CEO & Founder
It PAYS to be on the MAP!

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Start Earning Now!

Hello everyone!


Are YOU earning shares in our profits yet? I like the way one MAP member put it:

“Every single person Makes Money, in fact its impossible NOT to make money. This equates to Zero Churn, as who’s going to quit when their doing so? With other businesses generally over 90% quit.”  -Nick D

We have created a way for the ‘little guy’ to earn a piece of the Billion Dollar a day advertising market. Over 1 Billion Dollars is spent each and every day by corporations and individual entrepreneurs alike, collectively. The best part? That number keeps rising every year and is set to capitalize on this ever-increasing market!

Thousands upon thousands has already been added to our reserve fund. Are you getting your slice? We WANT to share our profits with YOU for helping us to create targeted traffic to our advertisers, so we can all grow and expand together. It’s why MAP was built, so everyone can earn, not just top recruiters.

The following Step-by-Step Guide will help you:
• Set up your I-Payout eWallet
• Create and Fund a Solid Trust Pay Account (STP)
• Learn The Fastest Way to Start Earning Today (paying with STP)
• How to Pay with Your Bank Account through I-Payout


I-Payout works on an invoice system. You do NOT need to fund your eWallet. Instead of funding, simply select the product(s) you want to purchase in MAP, go through the checkout procedure, click Buy Now with I-Payout, then log-in to your eWallet and you will see an invoice. At the bottom of the screen under Payment Options, you can select whichever one you desire. Keep reading below to learn of the fastest and easiest way to get started.

 Creating Your I-Payout eWallet
(scroll down if you’ve already done this)

Step 1.
Login to your members area.

Step 2.
a. Click on I-PayOut eWallet in the left column menu.

b. On this page, ensure all of your details are correct and then click Sign Up:
sign up

Step 3. Once this action is complete, you will receive an activation email from I-payout with your username and password. Click the activation link and your eWallet is now created and you will now be able to log-in to your eWallet so that you can complete registration. (if you dont receive your activation email, send us a support ticket and we will get your account activated)
It will look like this when you open it up:
Dear [your name and username],

Congratulations! Your eWallet signup is almost complete.
In order to activate your account, you must click the link provided below:

[activation link will be here]

User name: [your username]
Password: [your password]

NOTE: your password is case-sensitive.
For your protection please change this password once you login.

Once you have activated your account, you will be able to utilize the full suite of eWallet features.

If you require assistance, please visit our support center at


Thank you,
The Team at eWallet


Step 4. Log in to your eWallet and follow onscreen instructions to finish setting up your account in I-payout. If you want to pay for products with funds in your bank account, simply hover over the My Account tab and select Bank Account from the drop down menu, then connect your personal bank account to your eWallet. You will be required to upload a voided check or bank statement.
my account
It will take less than 24 hours (in most cases) for your bank account to be verified. Several members have set up, was bank verified, and earning profit-shares within 24 hours!

Creating and Funding Your Solid Trust Pay (STP) Account
(scroll down if you already have a STP account)

Opening a STP account is optional, however this is perhaps the easiest, fastest and most functional way to pay for your Credit Packs or any other product instantly. It literally only takes minutes to complete.

Step 1.
If you don’t have a account, click the link to create one.

Step 2.
Once your account has been created, you can either:

a. Pay for MAP invoices via your STP account (see next section below)
b. Load funds into your STP account via Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer, among other options.
To load funds, hover over the My Money tab and click on Deposit funds into Account.
STP deposit

Then select one of the options to fund your account:
STP options

If using a Debit/Credit card, you will can verify instantly via their webcam tool in most cases. Once verified, almost always, Credit/Debit Card transactions are instantly approved and you will be able to use your funds right away.

The FASTEST way to cash in TODAY
(Purchase using STP)

Now that you are all set up, its time to start earning your share of the profits already!


To pay with for MAP products using your STP account, you must first create an invoice before the STP option will appear in your eWallet. Follow the steps below:

Step 1.
Login to your MAP members area. Click on the Purchase Credit Pack tab at the top of the page, then select Credit Packs from the sub-menu.

Step 2.
Select the number of Credit Packs you desire, click Preview> then click Buy Now with I-Payout.

Step 3.
Login to your I-Payout eWallet to pay your invoice then select the Solid Trust Pay button under Payment Options at the bottom of the screen. You will then be automatically forwarded to Solid Trust Pays website.
Pay with STP

Step 4.
Login to your STP account, pay with Credit/Debit card, or with funds you have already loaded to your account and presto, you’re done!

Step 5.
Login to MAP and you will see your product in your account (depending on the funding method/size of your purchase, there may be a slight delay before the transaction is fully processed, please track via your I-payout Transaction History). Make sure your surf indicator on your dashboard is green by surfing at least 10 text ads in the Traffic Exchange daily and you will begin earning shares-in-profit every 20 minutes, 24/7.

Purchasing via Bank Account

This option works very quickly for some. Whether this works quickly for you or not basically comes down to who you bank with and their relationship with I-Payout. If you are not able to quickly pay for products via your connected bank account, I recommend following the steps above to pay via STP.

Step 1.
Login to MAP and select the products you desire.

Step 2.
Click Buy Now with I-Payout.

Step 3.
Login to your eWallet and under Payment Options click the Bank Account button.
Pay with Bank Account

Step 4.
The next page you will see will depend on your banking institution. This is where you will find out if you will be able to complete the transaction at the click of a button, or have to submit a bill pay through your online banking account to complete the transaction. If the latter is the case, you can do this and you will have your product in approximately 3-5 days. If you don’t want to wait that long, please follow the steps above to pay with STP.

The Bottom Line

All members earn at the Primetime rate for the first 30-days! This means 10% referral commissions and the ability to earn shares in our profit on up to 1200 Credit Packs.

We created the free-trial period so members would have a full 30 days to earn from us before having to choose a membership. How cool is that! How many businesses out there let you earn money before paying for membership? MAP does!

I highly encourage all of our members to contact their Sponsor and connect with them. Its easy, just click the little email icon on your dashboard here:
sponsor2(if you don’t see a sponsor there, they have elected to keep their info private)

You will find that most Sponsors are eager to help you get started and will go out of their way to help you get on the road to earning the big bucks quickly. They win when you win!

Join our FB Group and be supported by MAP Leaders and Membership worldwide here:

Many Blessings to you all,

CEO & Founder
It PAYS to be on the MAP!

Solid Trust Pay Available for Purchasing!

Hello and welcome one and all to our first official Newsletter!

Wow what an exciting week it has been for all of us. At the time of this writing, has achieved a membership base of 662 new users (and climbing)! Excellent work everyone and a big WELCOME to all new members!

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Just check out what some members are saying already:

MAP Member

“MyAdvertisingPays is nothing short of Sensational. I only joined 24 hours a ago, have over 150 Team Members & I can confirm that the advertising really works my first campaign I had a CTR of 32.6% Not Only That I’ve also earned CASH. Thank you MAPS!”

Affiliate Of The Year
MAP Member

“A Fantastic Way To Get Tons Of Traffic For Any Opportunity. Not Only That A Great Way For Anyone To Make Money Daily.”


And the fun has just begun! Leaders from around the globe have confirmed: MAP is SET TO EXPLODE in 2014 and beyond!

Join our FB Group!

**Important News**

Solid Trust Pay is Now Online!
We know that some of you have experienced difficulty making purchases through I-Payout. We seen your difficulty and have responded with a solution. I personally spoke with the owner of Solid Trust Pay (STP) and they are now available for the purchasing of all products on our site! If you dont have an account with them, just visit to set one up.

How does it work?
All purchases will still be processed through I-payout. But now that STP is integrated, it will be available as a payment option in your I-Payout eWallet account. You can purchase any of our products with funds in your STP account at the push-of-a-button!

What does this mean for me?
Faster Funding + Credit Card Funding + Push Button Ease = Faster referral commissions, faster profit-share earnings, more site revenue, more valuable advertising space and last but not least, instant access to STP’s millions of registered, verified, and very active membership base :)!

What should I do?
Log-in immediately, purchase the number of Credit Packs you desire, log-in to your I-Payout eWallet, select Solid Trust Pay as the payment method and begin receiving shares of our profits!

Beta Testing Announcement
Overall, our site has performed beautifully. We have a couple of small issues to work out with some of you, but luckily a lot of these incidents are isolated events. So I couldn’t be more pleased with our technical team of A+ programmers! I suspect by Jan. 1st we will exit beta testing and be ready for the masses. Hold on to your seat because 2014 will be quite the ride!

Helpful Hint
You do not have to upgrade your membership for the first 30 days because everyone earns at the Primetime rate during their Free-Trial period, which means 10% referral commissions and you can earn on up to 1200 Credit Packs!

A special thanks to all of our members and members-to-be for our grand beginning!

Join leaders from around the world and be supported by each other here:

Lets all look out for each other, share experiences, offer support, believe in something and experience massive growth, together. Join the group. Share the Vision. Be MAP family.

Have a great, safe and productive weekend everyone!

Mike Deese
CEO & Founder


Ezbonds Payment Processing means more money in your pocket + Update

Hello everyone!

Its been a busy week. Testing has commenced on the site and we are making good progress. The lead programmer has told me we should be wrapping up by Friday of this week. However, even if we do complete testing then, it still may be a little longer before we actually launch, as we are still working out some details with the payment processing solutions, which brings me to my next point.

Our merchant application has been approved and we are now a certified merchant :)! I suggest if you want to pay less fee’s then you should consider them as a processing solution. The security of their site and the fee’s they charge are by FAR the best I have ever seen. Their fee’s are extremely low and I know of no other payment processing solution that can even come close. Creating an account with them means giving less money away and pocketing more of your hard earned profits!

Its well worth the effort of signing up with them, and I am announcing this now so you have plenty of time to get onboard and fund your account.

Payza will be set up by launch, but if you can, avoid their high fee’s by signing up for Ezbonds.

We are working with I-payout right now and really hope we can get them set up by launch, but if not, we should have them available soon after. Since we will not be accepting Solid Trust Pay, I-payout is an important element because they have a feature where you can transfer your STP funds directly to their ewallet. I will keep everyone informed of the latest regarding I-payout as information becomes available.

For those of you with STP accounts and are wondering why we will not have them as a processing solution, allow me to explain how I came to that decision.

Over the course of my online activities beginning in 2005, I have witnessed three major processors get shut down by authorities, or shut down themselves. In all three cases, the millions these processors had in accounts worldwide were either confiscated by authorities, or the owner cut and ran. The end result of all three was, the money was gone. Never to be seen by the thousands of account holders. These processors were, Storm Pay, eGold, and most recently Liberty Reserve.

While I have no doubts that Solid Trust Pay (STP) is a legitimate entity, it unfortunately does business openly with illegal High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP), along with many other questionable sites. So as I pondered as to whether we should do business with them, it occurred to me that the best way for the Government to shut down, or at least severely damage the thousands of illegal HYIP’s online today, is to attack the most used payment processing solution they offer, which happens to be STP.  I have no idea whether this will happen or not, but it definitely makes sense. So I decided therefore that it was not worth the risk, for both the members sake and the Companies sake. will only do business with companies that have high standards of business practices. We are here to stay, and therefore have to make decisions that facilitate that sentiment.

So, I will be diving  back into the site now for more testing. Make sure to check out our Mission Statement, and Get to Know Mike tabs above. I like for everyone to know who they are doing business with which is the reason behind the get to know mike section. It tells the story of how we have gotten to this point.  Thanks for reading everyone and I will see you soon!

Many Blessings,

CEO & Founder
It PAYS to be on the MAP!