Exciting News!

Hello everyone!

We have been crazy-busy behind the scenes working for all of you. The payment option woes we have all dealt with for some time now are coming to a close!


We have struck a deal with an excellent payment processing ewallet company and will be phasing out I-Payout within the coming week or so. Within the new ewallet, our members will be able to fund their accounts and/or make payments with a few clicks of the button! Here are just some of the payment options they provide:

• Credit Card
• ACH Bank Payments (ACH short for Automated Clearing House)
• Bank Wire
• Online Banking

To make a purchase, all you will have to do is click a few buttons, enter your details and PRESTO you will be good to go!

Their fee’s are nominal compared to the ease-of-use with their interface. No need to verify accounts and wait to make purchases. It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3… just the way we like it here at MyAdvertisingPays.com!

For you STP users, do not worry! We will be integrating STP directly into MAP. So for those of you that already have verified accounts with STP and prefer them, you will be able to continue using them if you like.

What to Expect This Week

• The Pay with STP option through ewallet has now been disabled. We were experiencing a little trouble with payments being made through them that were not being recognized by I-Payout. Instead of having to comb through hundreds of these and adjust manually, we decided to disable this option through ewallet and integrate it directly into our site. The outstanding issues with payments are being attended to as quickly as possible.

• We are integrating STP into our site directly tomorrow. So long as this is error free, it will be live tomorrow. There will be no need to go through ewallet any longer for these payments.

• For those of you that has already submitted transactions with I-Payout, THEY WILL BE HONORED! So please do not worry yourself or send support tickets about this.

• Once our contract is finalized with the new ewallet company, we will officially announce who they are and other important details.

• We have been advised that the integration of the new ewallet can be completed this week. As soon as they are integrated, the Buy with I-Payout option will be disabled. Any transactions already submitted at that point will still be honored.

• Once the Buy with I-Payout option has been disabled, we recommend for everyone to not pay any of their outstanding invoices through them and instead go through our new ewallet which is much easier.

• Withdrawals will continue through I-Payout for the next couple of weeks. Once we have everything transferred over to the new ewallet, withdrawals through I-Payout will cease and will be processed exclusively through the new ewallet.

• Once both the integration of the new ewallet and STP is complete, you can expect our processes to be the easiest they have ever been. In fact, easy as 1, 2, 3!

Regardless of our recent server troubles, last week was our best yet! We have everything working A-OK now. Its been tough on all of us. Support issues have been extremely high. We ask everyone to please read our extensive FAQ’s found here: https://www.myadvertisingpays.com/Dot_faqs.asp. Most of the questions we are dealing with are already answered there. Please keep in mind that support issues already answered in our FAQ drastically slow us down. Our support processes are undergoing change right now with a new support desk coming online and training taking place to new reps and managers behind the scenes. Please bear with us as we tackle hundreds of things at once!


While traversing the road-to-success, we are bound to run into the hills and valleys along the way. The difference between success and failure is a matter of never giving up. Thank you to everyone for your continued support. We are happy that the server move is complete and all of the outstanding bugs with the new system have now been taken care of.

We couldn’t be in a better position right now. Our membership is strong and resilient! Despite all, we are continually climbing the charts, which makes our advertising services more and more valuable each day. We have big plans! Keep up the great work everyone!

Stay tuned for incoming announcements this week as this transition takes place!

CEO & Founder
It PAYS to be on the MAP!






In case you missed the newsletter that just went out (we know some of you don’t receive our emails), here is a copy.

Alright folks!

The server upgrade is complete, with the exception of auto-emails. We didn’t have time to complete that portion today so this is our first order of business tomorrow. Those of you with IP address protection turned on may experience trouble receiving the verification email. If you are affected but have surfed already for today, we would appreciate you not putting in a ticket and waiting until tomorrow when the email server is live. If you need to log in and can’t, submit a support ticket and we will disable this for you.

Excellent news! The profit-share element of our program is now operating flawlessly! After struggling with this for two weeks, we have FINALLY resolved the ultimate cause of the problem which was our struggling server. You can expect the site to run properly now, for the most part.

Anytime software is installed on a new server, just like when building software, there are bound to be a few bugs that will need to be worked out. Please allow us a few days to make sure everything is working properly.

On a personal note, I want to personally thank all of you that have been extremely patient with us during this process. On the whole, most of you have been more than patient. It is extremely appreciated. It makes it really difficult for us to devote all of our efforts to solving a problem if we are bogged down on the support desk.

So now its time to press on! We have many things to do and many things planned. Honestly, the issues we were having put everything on hold and cost us a lot of time. Now we can carry on as planned! A very important aspect of true success is when you fall, you get back up, pick up the pieces, and charge full steam ahead as if nothing can stand in your way!

Thanks again everyone for your patience and support during this cumbersome two weeks. MyAdvertisingPays.com is now stronger than ever! Onward and upward!

CEO & Founder
It PAYS to be on the MAP!

Comprehensive Update (Important)!

Hello everyone!

8,000 hits per minute! That’s what MAP is receiving!

This last couple of weeks have been hard for me personally as we had many things happen all at once and the workload has been tremendous! Lets get straight to it. Here is what we are up to;

#1. Profit-Share Algorithm – This has been one heck of a pain! This process is extremely complex as our algorithm takes into account many lines of data, formulas, and rules. Unforeseen by us, 20 minutes has turned out to not be enough time to complete the entire process due to our massive growth.

At the start of the pay cycle, the script analyzes many thousands of lines of data. Then once it has deduced the payout, it begins paying many thousands of members. Then, before its finished paying completely, the process stops because the next pay cycle begins so it starts analyzing again. This is leaving some credit packs not being distributed to properly.

The first problem we encountered was the decimal point (internally) was moving places 2/3′s through the pay cycle causing unbalanced payments. Then once that was corrected, we had the situation mentioned above. So we attempted to speed up the script, however our server couldn’t handle the load. So we uploaded it to a new server, which caused bugs in the script for whatever reason. So then we split the script in half and placed each half on a different server. That didn’t help. Then we wrote the script in PHP. That didn’t help. Then the script was presented to other programming gurus to examine for possible flaws and it has been verified as being written correctly. So, we are left thinking it HAS to be because of our server speed.

When I say we have worked non-stop on this, I mean it. For the last week and a half both myself and our team of programmers have put in many hours trying to get this corrected, working through the weekend day and night. Complex is an understatement.

#2. Server Upgrade – We are upgrading to our own dedicated servers. This process will be happening TOMORROW. We have put it on the forefront because of the site crashing and the profit-share not paying as it should. We are hoping amongst hope that this has been the ultimate cause of the failure in our profit-share script.

Although this is being done tomorrow, please allow time for us to test the new server and ensure its running properly with our software. The most important part is it’s getting done, and we will be ready for the masses once complete!

#3. Legal Compliance – Our attorney Kevin Thompson has completed a new set of Terms, agreements and such for our members. These documents, along with our new Company name/designation has to be uploaded to the site. This is our next site-update once we have the items above completed.

#4. Credit Card Processing – We are in the process of finalizing this and actually made a big stride towards this today. However to be honest it has taken a back seat to the above issues. Since this is done a little at a time due to several processes, we will work it in where we can.

#5. ACH Bank Processing (NEW!) - We have been quietly working on this in the background. ACH processing capability will allow our members to purchase advertisements directly using their bank accounts and transactions will be processed instantly. We are working on this deal with I-Payout. It is in its infancy so we will update as more develops here.

New Features!

Our last upgrade has been completed for the most part. Please enjoy the following new features that come with your membership!

#1. Credit Packs – Now come with 550 Traffic Exchange credits and 10 Credit Boosters. We feel this offers better value to our membership in terms of getting the exposure they need!

#2. Product Codes – These are now easier to use than ever before! Simply click on “Use” and you will automatically be forwarded to the product page and everything will be selected for you. Simply enter your links and advertise!

#3. Add Time button – No need to constantly find your banner links anymore. Simply click the “Add Time” button beside the banner once it’s expired and you will be forwarded to the banner set up page automatically. Just click submit!

#4. Global Affiliate Leaderboard – Where do you fall on this list? Are YOU on the leaderboard? Look under the Promotion Center menu and click the link. See for yourself! If you are not there yet, don’t give up. Success takes hard work and dedication. The rewards of leadership come not only financial gain, but also the feeling of success, which to me trumps all!

#5. Email Lead Tool – Now you can email all of your MAP leads, along with our automated marketing series. Make sure you introduce yourself and offer your support. We can give you the tools, it’s up to you to use them!

#6. New Support Desk - This is not visible to all of you yet but it is online. We are configuring it now and will take it live very shortly. This new support center has many new features which will help us and you get the answers and support you deserve! Support has always been a top priority for me, and it always will.
On The Drawing Board

#1. New Membership Level Structure – We plan to do away with Membership Levels and replace them with Auto-Ship packages which will come with improved products and services. With this, new beginning members will be allowed to get started right away without worrying about Membership Level charges which means better prospecting capabilities for a larger market of folks!

#2. Volume-Based Referral Program – With this, anyone anywhere can achieve the 10% referral commission level without paying for any Membership Levels! We will reward based on production, which is a more fair way of doing business.

#3. Ranking System – In conjunction with the above, members will be Ranked according to Volume, allowing you to prove your leadership by showing your Rank to prospective members. All of these come with a new Action Center on the dashboard and Production Center.

#4. Publishing Network - This is huge! Once developed and implemented, our members will be able to advertise on sites outside of the MAP network internet-wide! And site owners will be able to sell advertising space to our membership right from the MAP platform! This monetization of our space and increasing awareness of our brand will speak volumes to the rest of the online advertising market, which rakes in over ONE BILLION dollars A DAY!

These items are more are in development now. No support tickets please! These things will take time to materialize. So for now, we carry on with our amazing platform as is and make these upgrades along the way.

THANK YOU ALL for your continued support! I know the last couple of weeks have been tough with the issues we have been having and yet we are still climbing our way to the top with unmatched growth and prosperity! So again, thank you for believing in MAP and our grand Vision to change the way advertising is done forever!

CEO & Founder
It PAYS to be on the MAP!


MAP Has Outgrown Itself!

Hello faithful members of MAP!

Wow, what amazing growth we have experienced! We are rockin and rollin our way to the top, bringing all of you awesome people with us!

I want to share some stats with you all;

Since Launch (3 Months Ago)
Surf Clicks (on the Traffic Exchange) – Over 1 million!
Total Transaction Count – Over 14,000!
Total Users – Over 12,000!


Wow Wow Wow! You guys and gals ROCK! The popularity of our Company and the resulting traffic has us planning for a server UPGRADE! MyAdvertisingPays.com is gearing up for our own dedicated server so that we can continue our path onwards and upwards uninterrupted!

We’ve also had to make some adjustments to our profit-share algorithm so as to better deliver your profits. As it turns out, its hard to pay all of you within 20 minutes so we’ve had to speed things up a bit :). After testing for a few days, it seems we have a few more adjustments to make. Worry yourself NOT! We are all over it :).

Did you know?…

• Every penny on every account balance site-wide is accounted for? What you see in your balances is 100% backed up by real USD. Request a withdrawal and you will get it 100% of the time (minus fraud of course!). No virtual money here. Profits shared are based on actual global product sales site-wide.

• The Success Library is Free-of-Charge! Even if you don’t spend one red penny with us we still want you to part ways with us better off than when you arrived. Please, take advantage of these materials as they are the key to a brighter future!

• Our program is built for long-term success. There are no set amounts as to what our site pays daily as we are compliant with the law which says we can not guarantee anything in relation to possible income. Our Mission is long-term. Safe and steady!

• We have grown from just over 87,000 visits from Feb. 12th to 15th to a whopping 246,000 visits from March 9th to the 14th! That’s 182% growth in ONE MONTH! See for yourself;
(Click Image for full size)
So keep on doing what you are all doing because our space is GETTING HOT!

Latest News
• We are wrapping up on our latest round of updates. We should be finishing up within the next week or so. So look out for some awesome improvements to your membership!

• We have had a little issue with our Traffic Exchange lately. We are making adjustments on this now. It may not have even affected you. But if you are one of the ones seeing little to no ads, keep in mind that this will be corrected soon as we do our thing.

• Very sorry about Credit Card Processing not being online yet. The delay basically boils down to finalizing the paperwork. We are juggling between four different entities to get this finished up. Please be patient as we can only go as fast as the fastest banker. It will here soon.

• As mentioned above our Profit-Share algorithm needs adjustment due to our rapid growth. There are some things you just cant plan for regarding how software will handle things and we are banging out these rather small gremlins as we go. Remember it’s not a race and we aren’t going anywhere!

• Also as mentioned above we will be upgrading our servers soon to our own dedicated servers. Anyone experiencing connectivity issues in the meantime please be aware we are preparing for the upgrade now. When/if the site gets stuck, it seems to help if you close your browser and reload.

You folks are taking us onward and upward. Most of the issues we are dealing with at the moment are size related (meaning our site load from transactions/surfers/numbers etc.). If you ask me, this is a GOOD problem to have!

All is well and we are laser focused on the future of our Company and its membership. Please, pardon our progress and have a productive week!

CEO & Founder
It PAYS to be on the MAP!

STP + Credit Card Processing UPDATE!

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lack of update over the last week. We have been trying our best to have some good news for our next update, and, WE DO!

My Advertising Pays, LLC. has been APPROVED for Credit Card Processing by Allied Wallet!

 allied wallet

Allied Wallet services 88 million users world-wide and processed over $50 billion in 2013! They are a very reputable company and have been in business since 2002. We worked very hard to bring such a powerhouse processing capability to MAP and we have been successful in our quest :). This partnership will prove to be invaluable to our membership.

We are still working out the details of our contract, and other paperwork. Please bear with us as it may be a week or two before we bring them online (no support tickets please as we are working as diligently as we can). But once we have this in place, it will make purchasing MAP products a breeze!

Solid Trust Pay UPDATE

I personally received a call from STP yesterday and they promised to get our situation worked out and I couldn’t be happier! Many of our members have been patiently waiting to have this processing capability back and we have been working for you all. Upon checking this morning, the situation has been RESOLVED!

So , we are going to reactivate the STP option in I-Payout giving our members yet one more option for processing and hopefully we can keep them live for good this time around. I have requested that this feature be re-activated. It’s up to I-Payout when they do it. So it should be soon.

The State of MAP

MyAdvertisingPays.com is experiencing absolute phenomenal growth! Our advertising space has filled with advertisements, our external source of revenue is making sale after sale, and Our Space is becoming more and more valuable with each passing day.

What you see below is a representation of our transaction count in I-Payout. Many of you have seen this before, however I never get tired of sharing our staggering growth to the world! With each new week, what I like to call the “Wow Point” gets higher and higher, each time making the last one look not-so-wow. This is AMAZING!


We are busy as ever behind the scenes working on our current update announced in our last newsletter. We are always looking for ways to increase the Value of our products and services, as well as functionality and ease-of-use of our site. We have a grand Vision for MAP and all of you are coming along with us as we grow and expand our advertising services to reaches well beyond the walls of our site.

We have managed to attract the likes of many leaders world-wide and they are not wasting any time. People all over the world are seeing the value in our services, and are making the Dream come alive! Take a look at what some are saying…

MAP Member Claire Hartman-James, UNITED KINGDOM

Yesterday was my birthday, not only did I get spoilt by my family I received over $120 in commission from MAPS! Simplest programme ever, jump in and enjoy the ride!

Mummy of 2 self employed & loving it!


WOW … another $375 in my ClickBank. $1800 in sales with 1 month and 5 days being with MAP’s WITHOUT Spending a penny :) MAP is TOTALLY a DREAM for all of us. ~ Vitalia

MAP Member Michae Van Rooyen, UNITED KINGDOM

I have never in all my many years as a marketer ever seen such convertion statistics. I can go through the numbers but that would sound just like all those gurus. Just take my word for it. GET IN NOW!

For more visit this page:

This is advertising with results! If you are on the sidelines, what are you waiting for, the water is PERFECT!

I leave you with this thought…
robert kiyosaki

All the Best,
CEO & Founder
It PAYS to be on the MAP!

Rock and Roll Anyone!?!

Yes, this is MAP baby!


Our Alexa Ranking is climbing too!


And last but not least, this is our Reserve vs. Withdrawal statistic!!!


Yes my friends, MAP is Rockin and Rollin!!!


Are you on the MAP? Are your friends? We are just getting started folks. Through 2014 you will continue to see more and more progress as we develop MyAdvertisingPays.com into a POWERHOUSE advertising platform!

Our Vision is becoming a REALITY right before all of our eyes. It hasn’t come easy though. There have been many challenges, for me personally, throughout this journey. Somedays I wondered quietly to myself; were we ever going to get off the ground? But the challenges are not all my own. All of you, the members of MAP have had to endure funding challenges, and they continue still. However KNOW this, we are working for YOU! We will forge ahead and will meet each challenge with unwavering resolve.

We have many exciting updates coming.
Our plan is working.
Our futures are bright.

Thank you for being a member of My Advertising Pays LLC.
Stay tuned!

CEO & Founder
It PAYS to be on the MAP!

90% Off Banner Products!!!!

Hello everyone!

As reported in our last email newsletter, we are keeping our promise!

90% off banner products

All banner products are now a whopping 90% OFF!

You heard that right folks! MyAdvertisingPays.com is on a Mission to drive advertising costs down for our members and provide the absolute BEST advertising platform online today, and in the future.

Not only will you receive a 90% discount, you will also receive in conjunction our standard discounts of an ADDITIONAL 5% off per 7 days purchased at a time. So if you purchase 28 days, you will get 90% off the standard price, PLUS and additional 20% off the final price. WHAT!!!!

Get going now and get those banners up, because this sale wont be here for long! Get them while you can, for as long as you can, and MAKE THOSE SALES!

As always, it is our pleasure to serve all of you. Thank you for your membership, and enjoy the luxury of real advertising services that produce results!

CEO & Founder
It PAYS to be on the MAP!

Look Out! Our MAP Just Got Bigger!

Hello one and all!

MyAdvertisingPays.com is rockin and rollin!


In this, our 8th week online, MAP just got placed ON THE MAP! And you know what, this is just the beginning! Our plans are coming together beautifully. With the recent addition of an external source of revenue for our Company, our goals of expanding our services and income streams are solidifying and will only strengthen from here.

It’s a brilliant plan really. Pay the user FIRST, and the business model with build upon itself. To paraphrase our very own Mission Statement:

The Vision and model of MyAdvertisingPays.com is revolutionary and profound; Pay the user first. Give them the income flow they desire and the business model will build upon itself, which have the hallmarks of an up and coming multi-million dollar company, providing a secure and reliable source of income for its users, for generations to come.

Go ahead, have a look at the full Mission Statement in the tabs above. It hasn’t changed since this concept was born. This is what it is about folks; Create a REASON for people to log in and happily look at ads.

BUT, this is NOT all about money here! We are an Advertising Company. That’s what we do. Sell Ads. And the people on our site are in the business of selling their products or services. Growth is always good for business, however we want to focus on QUALITY.

When you purchase a Credit Pack and put your ad on our Traffic Exchange, the Click Through Rates are absolutely astonishing for most of our members. If you are new to advertising, a 10% CTR is NOT the norm hahaha, let alone 30% which some members achieve.

Go spend $100 at Google or Facebook. Go ahead, I dare you! Then come back and compare your results.

Each time I get a success story on how amazing their results were with our ad services it truly makes me smile from ear to ear. I love it when I see other people succeeding!

Many here at MAP are succeeding in business for the first times in their lives. And there are many many more to come. Success breads Success. Ask any leader and they will agree.

With that said, MyAdvertisingPays has just had its BEST week yet, and the week is not even over! Just take a look at this visual representation of what’s happening!


CEO’s Message To All

More and more people are realizing the value of their membership with us. Some will come later, some will come and go, others will stay for the duration. But one thing is certain;

Our MAP is getting bigger, and if you are not on it, you might find yourself lost!

Be Blessed Everyone!
CEO & Founder
It PAYS to be on the MAP!

Growth + Webinar + Tips

Hello to all!

First let me apologize if I haven’t been around for some of you this last week. To be completely honest, it’s getting really hard for me to keep up with members on a one-to-one basis. I have had to take a step back and focus on the task at hand, which is concentrating on our Company and its future.

Over the last week, I have put in at least 126 hours in developing MAP 2.0. If you think MAP is great now, just wait until you see what’s coming! It is a huge project. MAP took around a year to develop and build, and I am doing my best to put MAP 2.0 on the fast track. Since we already have our core programming in place, writing in the conditions that come with version 2 wont take as long as MAP. I hope to have this online within a few months time.

Once our foundation is set, many new things are yet to follow. We will spend most of 2014 building around our current platform, so please bear with us while we improve your program.


MAP continues to grow at an astounding pace, thanks to the hard work of all of our affiliates. Hats off to all of you! This chart is a representation of our transaction count within I-Payout. I try to provide all of you with something visual, and will try to continue off and on as time permits.


Very exciting stuff!

Here is a list of the Top 10 SUPERMAP Affiliates!

1. Simon – 833
2. Shaun – 310
3. Robert – 97
4. jake – 90
5. Wayne – 84
6. Luke – 82
7. Ron – 74
8. Nick – 62
9. Peter – 49
10. Petar – 46

These guys really know how to get it done. And there are many more following close behind these guys! They earn money through sweat and tears.

Anyone can do it. It takes hard work and most of all, dedication. If you dedicate yourself to something you will be surprised at what the human body is capable of! These affiliates take ACTION, because they BELIEVE in MAP. But the thing of it is, is when you’re dedicated, it doesn’t feel like work, which is why I can so on with so little sleep :).

People often ask, “How can I have that kind of success”, and the simple answer is to take ACTION. Email blasts, paid advertising and the like will get you minimal results, if you do not lead your prospects. Here are some tips for promoting MAP and your other business opportunities/products/services:

Promote YOURSELF, not a capture page that thousands of others are using. You have to create a way to stand out from the crowd. It’s ok to use a replicated capture page but you must first gain a prospects trust.

This is important to remember; People buy from People, not pay plans or anything else. How many times in your life have you paid more for a product simply because you liked the service you received? Never? Think again. If you have ever been to a restaurant and left more of a tip one time than other times because your waitress served you well, then you just paid more for the same product than you have previously because YOU LIKED THE PERSON. See? Build a blog, brand yourself and gain your followers trust by actually helping them and most importantly, being honest with them. For me, that’s the only way to true success.

Get out of the MAKE A MILLION BY TOMORROW mentality. Be more realistic with your people. With MAP, we are not here to make millionaires, though some are on track to make just that. We are here to make people’s lives easier by paying them for helping us put eyes on advertisements. We cut thousands of checks, instead of a few huge ones. If you work hard, like those on our leaderboard, then you too can have the lifestyle that they live. Believe me, they didn’t get those numbers of referrals by an email blast, they got them because of their rapport with their followers that has been built by nothing less than hard work and dedication to the cause.

Register for our upcoming Corporate Update Webinar to be held at 1:30PM EST on Wednesday the 26th:
Seating is limited so get there early!

Join our FB Group and join in the conversation. We have over 500 members supporting each other from around the world:

And if you haven’t already, sign up for email updates at this blog as all important updates, promotions etc. are announced here first!

I will be getting back to the drawing board now :). We all have a lot of work to do! MAP 2014 is just getting started. Place your ad on our site today, and enjoy results immediately! Thanks for reading this everyone. Many blessings to you and yours and may this week be your best yet!

CEO & Founder
It PAYS to be on the MAP!

How MAP Profits + Future Plans + Continuing Growth

Hello everyone!

We often get the question “How does MAP profit?” I have put together an illustration that should help everyone get a better idea of how MAP works and the flow of everything. It also makes for an excellent prospecting banner so feel free to use it if you like. Take a look:

How MAP Profits

Pretty cool eh? There is actually quite more to it, but it would require a much larger picture haha.

MAP is in the business of selling advertising services. What we have created is a platform that requires users, and actually inspires users to log in often, and spend a considerable amount of time on the site. This just so happens to create highly valuable advertising space, which just so happens to be our forte :).

The Near Future
As we continue to grow, our services inherently become more valuable. During 2014 you all will see advancements in two areas.

#1. We will begin to focus on retail sales and create more ways for advertisers to position their services in front our audience/members. We will also focus more on non-member customer sales with a new platform consisting of increased referral commissions on retail sales and will also be developing a Volume Based system, where more Sales Volume means increased benefits.

#2. We will focus on creating more exciting reasons for our members of MAP to log in and remain on our site for as long as possible which means; more eyes on ads more often. See how that works?

We are much more than a way to earn extra money online. We are progressing on our path to creating a multi-faceted online advertising Company that is a powerful force in the market place.

Company Growth
Our site continues to grow at a rapid pace! MAP 2.0 is already in development because of our tremendous success and growth rate, which means some very exciting additions to our platform. Take a look at the graph below. As I have said I am an analysis junkie, so please excuse all the information on it. I don’t mean to confuse anyone!

Seeing is Believing!
Seeing is believing!

What Major Support means is our Company has developed a common growth pattern, and thus far has failed to penetrate that support line (to penetrate means to fall below, then remain below the line), which give us an accurate representation of our growth rate. Everywhere you see a red S is our Major Support, or common growth pattern. Between the two dates represented in red above, the stats shown result in a 350% common growth rate. That’s very exciting!

I track everything with MAP. This is just one of the resources available to me and our experts. We have a mission to continue our growth through 2014 and beyond, because with our model, the upside potential is virtually unlimited! The best part? This means happy members and advertisers for years to come!

When promoting our services, please remember to focus on our services along with the opportunity. As we progress, we will make this easier to do for everyone.

Thank you for reading this comprehensive update. I like to keep everyone ‘in the know’ and appreciate the support all of you have given us, along with the tremendous promotional efforts of our MAP Representatives. As always, it gives me great pleasure in Serving all of you. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the coming weeks!

I leave you with this:

Yours Faithfully,
CEO & Founder
It PAYS to be on the MAP!